Kundalini Yoga & Expressive Arts

In this unique Kundalini Yoga class, you will not only learn through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, but also through the beauty of the creative expressive arts. A dynamic & magnetic blend of yoga and art, this class offers an opportunity to embody your experience of yoga through the creative arts.

Note: This is not an art class! It is a process-oriented experience that allows you to see more of your deep psyche and instinctual nature. This class is especially for those who have no experience in the arts, who carry a longing and would like to find a way to discover and explore their true-selves through the wisdom of the body and the messages that come through when we explore through color, imagery and symbols.

All art supplies included. Just bring you!

To find out when the next class is, visit our events calendar, our facebook page or email info@medicineofthepeople.org.